Terms of Use

Located right in front of Haeundae Beach, Blue Story Hotel offers the most comfortable travel experience to customers visiting both the beach and the city of Haeundae.

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  • 1.Check-in time is 15:00.
  • 2.Room amenities are provided according to number of person, so please check the quantity by referring to the Amenity information.
  • 3.If you want to add more guests, you need to pay at the front desk. (KRW 15,000 per person)
  • 4.If your check in time is after 24 o'clock, contact us in advance for quick registration. Also, if you are late due to personal reasons or natural disasters, please contact the front desk.
  • 5.Staying with pets is prohibited.
  • 6.Roast cooking is prohibited in the room.
    ※ If there is any problem in the room, please contact Hotel Hongdan +82-51-731-9900.
  • 1.Checkout time is until 11:00.
  • 2.If the check-out time is delayed, the late check out charge will be applied as follows. Please keep the time for the next customer.
  • 3.Please collect garbage separately for the next customer before leaving the room.
  • 4.You cannot extend the check-out date during the holidays and peak season set by the hotel.
  • 1.Peak season : May, July, August, October, December 24th, December 31th
  • 2.Off-Peak season : Except for the peak season.
  • 3.Some dates may apply as peak season depending on local situation.
  • 1.Lost&Found items will be sent by delivery service (guest pay) after checking stay information match.
  • 2.For faster process, please remember the room number, date, and expected location of loss.
  • 3.Please understand that food will not be stored because it is disposed of on the same day. Lost&Found items that nobody contact for 30days will be discarded.
    Contact : +82-51-731-9900
  • 1.All pets and dangerous goods are prohibited in the room.
  • 2.For your safety and property protection, the use of fire equipment is prohibited in the room.
  • 3.If prohibited items are detected, guest can stay no longer.
  • 4.Please keep your valuables at the front desk. Please note that we are not responsible for the loss of any valuables that have not been stored.
  • 5.For other detailed, please contact the front desk at +82-51-731-9900.
Under the Juvenile Protection Act, you are not able to check in without adults above 19 years of age.
Minors (less than 19 years of age) can stay only if they agree or accompany their parents (unless to stay in a mixed room).
7days ago 6days ~ 3days ago (Until 18:00) After this (including no-show)
100% refund 80% refund Non-refundable
3days ago (Until 18:00) After this (including no-show)
100% refund Non-refundable